Thomas Thibaud (FR)

Name: Thomas Thibaud Date of birth: May 06th, 1988 Place: West of France Hello, I go fishing since the age of 6 or 7 years and the carp since the age of 12 years, first of all to the blow then to the modern techniques. I fish essentially the lakes of dam abounding in my region. Essentially on fast fishing with a good location and preliminary initiating. During my holidays I turn to the big lakes and drag already my boots on some of them such as St Cassien, East, St Croix, Hourtin, Cazaux and many more. I like trusting in all the elements which I master: the placement of lines, charms and assemblies. I find in the range PB all that I need for inland fishings and if I had to not go fishing more than with an assembly would be it a body of line in prolonged Gator Braid of 20m of Shield, a clip Hit*Run and a bottom line in prolonged Skinless of Great Strong hook and sound to align Long Shank. I use this assembly 90 % of time and there are only the carps which complain about it. I am happy to integrate Team PB and to contribute to develop in France this range of products thoughtful and thought to be the most effective, qualitative and most reassuring.