Kevin Danieau (FR)

Name : Kévin Danieau
Date of birth : October 27th, 1987
Place : Ile-de-France

My name is Danieau Kévin, I live in Ile-de-France recently further to a new work. I fish for the carp for more than 10 years in the various places of France where my brought my studies, work. So I began to go fishing in the Centre region, then Pays de la Loire and the southwest of France. I fish as well for the lakes of dams, the small ponds, gravel pits as well as the big natural lakes.

I use PB Products from now on 6 years and I have to say that I am not disappointed. I could not part any more from jungle hook with whom I caught many fishes of more than 45 lb of blocked places. I use also more and more the Hit and Run system with whom I obtain good results. And what to say about Gatorbraid which equips my reels for more than 5 years. It is resistant, smooth, simply completed !

Is an immense pleasure for me to integrate the team to contribute to represent and to develop PB products in France.

Best Regards, Kévin Danieau