By Fabio Gerratana

On many magazine there are articles that show how improve our casting ability for reach incredible distance. If that ability, in some situations, can give us the opportunity to catch some bonus carp, often the margin are forgotten.

I want to tell you a story that show how observation and thinking angling can give amazing result.

Recently I fished a new lake with gin clear water where the standard approach did by most of the other angler is to fish long distance baiting a lot for stop the patrolling fish. Something it pay..sometime not…


Well after some hours blanked and without any fish signals… I was thinking that was time to move… barrow loaded and straight to another spot that could be good.

After that all was ready in the new spot, rods in the water mid range, I’ve seen some big fish coming in the margin just under rod tips and digging the gravel bottom searching for food. What a great view.

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I put some crushed boilies and some pellets close to them and they wasn’t scared but also eat them. well now the target was to catch that big fish.


Now the story become more and more interesting because will go through my test for try to find the right way…

I reeled in one rod that was fishing at medium range with a classic combi rig made with a stiff coating braid (PB Products Skinless 25 lb) and I gently drop it in the spot where the big carp were feeding. Thanks to clear water I can see the hookbait (a 10 mm dumbell with a pink fake pop-up maize). After some minute a carp come close to the rig and take the bait that straight away was blew out without that hook picked the flesh…


I rewind soon and checked why happened… after some minute to think about, the answer was that the rig was too long because the fish were feeding on a small area and not moving a lot and a long rig failed before that the lead can did the work.  The day come to his end and not being allowed the night fishing I had time to think about what change could be right for the next day.

The next early morning on the way for the spot I was hoping that the carp were still visiting the margin. I changed rig and being the water so clear a fluorocarbon hooklink could be good. Well, a 10 cm stiff d-rig (made using PB Products Blue Ant) with a small slow sinking fake dumbbell was the trick. The short rig must hook straightaway the fish that don’t move a lot after sucked the bait.



I dropped soon the rig in the same area than the combi rig, and I baited with some handful of crushed boilies and pellets. The carp were totally crazy, looked for any pieces among the gravel bottom. Some carp moving close and a big common tested the bait but the angle of approach of it was wrong so the carp can only take in his mouth the bait and not the hook because the short hooklink was already straight and not extensible. After that the fish was scared and went away… and the panic was also in other big fish that were feeding quiet not far. A missing opportunity. I was hoping to have another one. A real enigma to solve. The right way was to think about what the right rig must have. The perfect one is short for hook the carp straightway it suck the bait but have also the property to extend himself for allow that the carp can take in his mouth bait and hook , also on wrong angle of approach. Was like a puzzle and we must put together every single piece. In the lake there wasn’t nuisance fish that can play with our rig and fishing under the rod tip in clear water we can see the rig presentation. The rig that could be on right way was a totally opposite to the stiff rig, being a short and soft braided hooklink (Chameleon 25 lb )of about 6 cm long with the trusted shot on the hook setup. Now the bait chosen was an half cut boilie, infused with attractor for be much more attractive than other around.


Dropping the lead we must be sure that the rig stay close to the lead and not already straight, because we need that it can extend. All look good and some handful of crushed boilies was delivered in the spot. After some minute some carp came in the area, and with head glued of the bottom started to pick the small pieces. With the heart almost in the throat I watched carp come ever more close to the hookbait…. And when I’ve seen the hookbait fly in the carp’s mouth and the carp stayed hooked, shaking the head and run away…  I was thinking that my path that started to see them in the margin, go through some rig test now gave me the winning prize. The puzzle was complete.

The lethal weapon was ready and every carp that tested the bait was nailed… big common and mirror over 20 kg mark.

All the setup has been proved to be right. Right hooklink used in the right way. The hit and run lead clip setup avoid that carp use the weight of the lead for dislodge the hook.


I was over the moon and the carp that came to visit me and that I was happy to take with me in front of the camera made the session great.

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Margin, often forgotten by anglers are visited also from big carp.

One time an old angler told me:”the carp are like the mouse, they walk close to the wall” so why try to go always at extreme distance when we can find them under our rods tips?

During this session I learned so much and what I always said about carp and rig approach I’ve seen to be true.

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