Competing in a World Carp Classic is something that will test any angler, I competed in my first WCC October this year at Lac de Madine in France,It was absolutely brilliant to meet some old faces and to catch up with new people, but apart from the great atmosphere I was there to fish.


Great atmosphere….!!

My fishing partner was Chris Thompson and we drew swim 41 in the Mivardi section,not our first choice but you can only fish what you’ve been dealt. The swims were all very well-spaced out giving everyone plenty of water to go at to a maximum of 250mts.

Once out in the boat, with the scope and echo sounder it became apparent we had some serious challenges, mainly the weed, it was an underwater forest, the whole area was covered. It was difficult finding anywhere suitable to bait and place rigs but fishing a WCC is not meant to be easy, depth wise maybe in certain places down to 9ft but generally shallow, this would be a great swim in the summer.

The weather was unstable from strong winds causing boat bans, torrential rain, clear nights, frosty mornings, to even wearing shorts in the day due to rising temps.

So as we set up, I changed my spools from mono to braid and attached the PB snag leader, great abrasion resistance, strong supple and would lay nicely,


PB Products snagleader Shield…great abrasion resistance

Rig wise I decided to up the braking strain using Skinless and set up various multi rigs, snowman set ups and singles, ready to cast out or boat out to any showing fish. I have so much faith in PB I was content if I had a take, the gear wouldn’t let me down, or my bait which is awesome from Northern baits.

All week we didn’t see or hear any carp, plenty of slapping tails from the cat fish though, but morale was always high, I did actually catch a nice little mirror though ,who unfortunately wouldn’t introduce me to its dad! The way I see it, that little mirror meant more to me than you can imagine.


That little mirror meant more than……

 That was the way it ended. My first WCC. My first WCC catch. I was pleased. It was great to meet up with Marcel, Lars,and Ardy. PB Products is a fantastic company and look forward now to the WCC 2016 in the CZ Republic,. it’s going to be special.


It was great meeting Lars, Ardy & Marcel


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